Our favorites !

All our products are made with love, but we do have a soft spot for certain drinks and pastries.

Shall we introduce them to you?

The perfect gourmet break

A coffee slowly cold-brewed to bring out the best aromas while avoiding bitterness. Finer than an americano frappé, thirstier than a frappuccino, more fun than a Perrier! Oh, and of course, there’s no added sugar, but why not add a dash of syrup to personalize your drink?

Cold Brew is now available to go, in a glass bottle! Ideal for storage.

Le petit capucin

A cappuccino is an espresso to which 15cl of hot milk is added to form a thick foam.

Our technique allows us to express one of your barista’s talents: the mastery of latte art. You know, those hearts, flowers and swans formed in white in your coffee!

Challenge us, we like to surprise ourselves!

What esle ?

Intensity, body and balance are the key words when it comes to espresso. If for you, bitterness was the hallmark of espresso, it’s time to get rid of this prejudice. We generally prefer to emphasize its acidity.

Oh, and by the way: no, it’s not a typo! The term espresso is a distortion due to the fact that the extraction process is much faster than the gentle method.

Yum yum

The best seller in our kitchen…

Prepared on site with our original vergeoise recipe (our secret ingredient!), our cookies come in a variety of regularly changing flavors: peanut butter/sesame, 3 chocolates, praline, caramel chips, etc.

As our ethics come first, we prefer to use organic and/or local ingredients in the making of our products…

Your best buddy

Our house favorite is the mint/chocolate chip flavor for an even more refreshing effect! And, of course, there’s always the must-have milkshake: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate or Hazelnut.

As with all our other milk drinks, a plant-based version is also available, thanks to our sorbet of the moment, which goes perfectly with oat milk…