A warm christmas and coffee

The magic of Christmas is in the air, bringing warmth and comfort to all. Why not make your celebrations even more special this year by adding a touch of coffee to your traditions? 🎅🏻

In this article, we’ll explore the enchanting world of Christmas and discover together how a simple cup of coffee can add a joyful and comforting touch. ☕️

Coffee, winter's companion

Winter is setting in with its bitter cold, and it’s at this very moment that coffee proves to be the ideal, comforting companion. 🥶 As temperatures plummet and the air turns chilly, the simple idea of bundling up in a cozy blanket with a steaming cup of coffee becomes irresistible. The rich aromas of coffee, combined with the warmth of the beverage, create an incomparable experience that warms not only the body, but also the soul.

Imagine yourself, comfortably seated in your favorite corner, surrounded by a warm atmosphere where Christmas lights twinkle softly. ✨ The festive decorations create a magical atmosphere, accentuated by the gentle murmur of freshly ground coffee beans. In your hands, a steaming cup releases fragrant wisps that mingle with the winter air, creating an idyllic picture conducive to contemplation and relaxation. ☕️

This makes coffee the perfect companion for those chilly December evenings. It transforms every moment into a memorable experience, wrapping cold winter nights in comforting warmth and leaving in its wake unforgettable memories imbued with the enchanting spirit of Christmas. 🎄

Festive coffee recipes : try something new

Festive coffee recipes offer a creative and delicious opportunity to add a magical touch to your caffeinated moments during the Christmas season. 🤗

At Occasion Café, we take advantage of this magic to bring gourmandise to your drinks (but that goes for all year round too 😆. With coffee, latte and even cappuccino, you can, for example, add caramel or flavoring to your milk, or even add cocoa to your cappuccino (giving you a mocaccino.)

While these alternatives may sound like “hot chocolate for grown-ups”, it has to be said that we too are entitled to our own little comforting treats 😋.

🤫 PSST: For extra flavor, you can even add cinnamon to your drink.

These creative recipes are not only a delicious way to celebrate Christmas, they also allow you to explore new facets of the world of coffee. ⛄️ 

Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or looking for more daring combinations, the possibilities are endless for brightening up your Christmas season with caffeinated creations that will delight taste buds and amaze guests. After all, Christmas is the perfect time to give free rein to creativity, even in the cup of coffee you’re holding in your hands. ☕️

Coffee and conviviality

Christmas, much more than a celebration, is a time for sharing, love and creating precious memories with loved ones. Coffee becomes a central element in these moments of joy. Around a beautifully decorated table, adorned with delicious Occasion Café shortbread and Christmas decorations, everyone can immerse themselves in a perfect moment.

The deliciously bewitching aromas of freshly brewed coffee from a coffee machine create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

A magical gift idea : coffee

The festive Christmas season is the perfect time to express your affection with meaningful gifts. 🎁 What could be better than pleasing your loved ones, whether they’re coffee lovers or complete coffee novices?

1️⃣ For coffee lovers

We suggest that all coffee lovers and enthusiasts try the slow coffee method (if they haven’t already). It’s a slow brewing method that brings out all the hidden oils and aromas in coffee beans !

There are several possible methods: V60, chemex, origami and many others. We sell all these items at l’Occasion Café! Just drop in and we’ll be happy to advise you and recommend a product to suit your needs and desires.

2️⃣ For coffee-drinkers

If you or a loved one is accustomed to drinking coffee (once or several times a day), we can offer you several items that will complete your routine and even allow you to prepare your own coffee to go.

At l’Occasion Café, we sell the Nomade Travel Press P0 from Espro, a portable piston coffee maker. First and foremost, it’s a thermos-like object that keeps your beverage at the right temperature for hours on end. But it also allows you to make your coffee at a moment’s notice, thanks to a built-in piston (which works exactly like a piston coffee maker). On top of that, the coffeemaker is extremely lightweight, so you can take it just about anywhere. In particular, it is specially designed for travel.

For lighter consumption, we also sell thermostats of all kinds and sizes (we even have one with our logo on it 😉 ) that will keep your drink nice and warm, especially at the moment with the very low temperatures…

3️⃣ For novices

For those who don’t drink too much coffee, don’t panic! You can always offer our mugs, shortbread, or even the various illustrations and objets d’art we sell at L’Occasion Café (yes, we had a corner dedicated to the creations of the slow market artist collective, for those of you from Reims).

By bringing Christmas and coffee together, you create a memorable experience that will awaken the senses but also warm the hearts. So this year, don’t miss an opportunity to experience the magic of Christmas with a steaming cup in your hands, and create memories that will last long after the Christmas lights have gone out. Merry caffeinated Christmas from the Occasion Café team.

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