A green and economical way to use coffee grounds !

(Re)discover the benefits of coffee for an economical and unusual use. In an eco-responsible spirit, we explain how to reuse coffee grounds ! ♻️

Coffee grounds as a natural cleaner

For pots and pans that are hard to clean, coffee grounds are your ally.

Simply take a little wet or dry coffee grounds, rub with hot water, and the most stubborn stains should come right off.

Coffee grounds as an insect repellent

Insects don’t like good coffee. It’s the smell that will keep them away from your home. All you have to do is sprinkle coffee grounds along the foundations of your house or on your terrace. 🐜

Coffee grounds as fertilizer for your plants

Sprinkle coffee grounds around your plants and let the magic happen. However, avoid using it on plants and flowers that need poor soil.

Coffee grounds to repel cats and dogs

As good news never comes alone, sprinkling coffee grounds on the soil itself will also keep cats and dogs away from your plants and flowers. 🐶 🐱

Coffee grounds as paint!

Painting with coffee is unusual at first, but it’s also a great way to stimulate your creativity (and your kids’ too)! All you need to do is dilute a little coffee grounds in water (more or less, depending on the color you want) and to your brushes! 🖌

With all this, we hope to have awakened the zero-waste spirit of some and attracted the curiosity of others.

What about you, have you learned anything? 🧐

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