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What is an Aeropress coffee ? 

The Aeropress is a small manual pressure coffee maker that works with a piston. It’s a pretty versatile machine, so you can make your own coffee, espresso or long coffee with ease, wherever you are! But the best thing about the Aeropress is that you can use the gentle method (otherwise known as slow coffee) to obtain a richer, more flavorful coffee.

We’ve already talked about slow coffee in an article on how to make a good V60 at home. But here’s a quick reminder 😉.

Slow coffee is a gentle extraction method that enhances the coffee’s aromas. Water picks up the fragrances and oils of freshly ground coffee as it gently passes through the coffee grounds.

You may be familiar with the V60 or the Chemex, but today we’re going to tell you about the Aeropress, which is a fairly simple and highly versatile tool.

We hope you’re subscribed to our Instagram account, because you may have seen that a few weeks ago, our barista Léo explained how to make an Aeropress coffee on video! But for those of you who need a paper trail, we’re detailing every step of Léo’s recipe (because yes, there are actually hundreds).

The origin of aeropress ☕️

For the record, the Aeropress was invented by Alan Adler, who is an American inventor (yes, it’s a funny job, it just consists in having good ideas after all 😉 ).

He’s best known for inventing this little coffee machine, but it’s worth noting that he originally specialized in aerodynamic toys, such as soccer balls with fins, flying rings and discs.

The name “Aeropress” simply comes from the brand he worked with a lot, Aerobie®. Check them out, and you’ll see that they do indeed make great frisbees.

Anyway, back to our coffee…

How to make a coffee with the Aeropress ?


You’ll need your Aeropress, a paper filter, your scales, your stopwatch and your carafe, which will serve as a container for your coffee.

For our recipe, we’ll use 15g of ground coffee (personally, we love Moklair) and 200g of hot water.


Before anything else, we order you to rinse your filter! Place it over the detachable “plug” you’ll position on your carafe and rinse. This step will also preheat the decanter for afterwards (not to be overlooked 😝).


There are two ways to use the Aeropress, simply by placing it in both directions. For this recipe, we’re going to use the Aeropress inverted (i.e. we’ll let it infuse without letting it run, we’ll turn it upside down at the end of the infusion time).

So we put 15g in the upper part of our aeropress, and roughly pour in 200g of hot water. No need to be precise, unlike with the V60, this time you can do it without looking 😂.

After 30 seconds, we’ll take the small object supplied with your aeropress, called the “paddle”, and stir it all up. You’ll need to stir the coffee to distribute it evenly. To do this, we don’t make circles, but rather forward and backward movements, and we do this about five times.

Then close, and leave the coffee to brew for 2min30.

This is a simple recipe, but it’s entirely possible to modify this brewing time. You can make it 1min30 for a milder coffee, or even 9min for a full-bodied, full-flavored coffee. There are no real rules for aeropress. There are thousands of recipes and thousands of ways of doing it, so we’ll let you discover the one that suits you best 😄.

So, after 2min30, we turn our aeropress upside down and position it on our decanter. We press gently to make the coffee flow and stop when we hear a little whistle coming from our aeropress. Finally, we withdraw immediately to avoid over-extraction.

And now your coffee is ready! Enjoy!
Now you know how to make a good aeropress at L’Occasion Café! ✅

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