Good cold coffee drinks

Yum yum !

We’re warning you right now: cold coffee drinks aren’t necessarily synonymous with undrinkable coffee grounds that have been left lying around for too long. 🫢

However, it’s true that coffee is a beverage that’s best enjoyed hot, as it has a comforting, boosting quality that we love! It’s true that it’s less pleasant to enjoy a hot coffee when it’s 25 degrees… 🥵

But it would be too bad to enjoy this wonderful beverage seasonally. Our dear colleagues and coffee lovers have therefore had to invent other ways of consuming coffee (beyond the simple iced latte or iced americano, which simply consists of adding ice cubes to our coffee ). Indeed, we can also enjoy a more refreshing and thirst-quenching aspect that we don’t immediately think of…

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to some of the alternative cold drinks made from the coffee we serve at Occasion Café! 😋

(Put your prejudices aside, you’ll see that there are actually quite a few)

The cold brew

Probably one of the best-known alternatives, cold brew is simply coffee brewed from cold water. As the name “brew” implies, it’s a coffee brewed a little differently.

There are several ways to brew a cold brew, and perhaps this will be the subject of a future article 😉

Briefly, it consists in letting the coffee stand for at least 12 hours in cold water, to extract all the aromas. The cold brew is a fairly light drink that will surely please you if you’re a coffee lover! It’s the cold water in which it’s infused that reduces the coffee’s acidity to a minimum, giving a very rich result!

At L’Occasion Café, we even produce our own version, to be enjoyed chilled!

Espresso tonic

This drink may seem highly unconventional at first. We recommend that you taste it to make up your own mind – you might be surprised! 🤯

In fact, espresso tonic (as the name suggests) is simply a blend of a tonic drink with a shot of espresso. How does it taste? We translate it into an explosion of flavors on the palate with the tonic’s citrus notes, which go very well with the fruity notes of our coffee of the moment (from Ethiopia).

Espresso tonic has the particularity of being an extremely thirst-quenching and hydrating drink, perfect for hot weather 🥵

For all our tired workers, this is the drink for you! 😂

Our creation cocktail

At L’Occasion Café, we recently launched our range of cocktail creations. The first of these, we’ve named the “Hiver froid”, since its citrus and maple syrup flavors will remind you of wintertime and the comfort of a good drink 🥰

So with this drink, we wanted to break the codes with an alcohol-free cocktail, with coffee! 🍸

It contains just 3 rather simple ingredients but which (we promise) bring real pleasure once combined:

Maple syrup – cold brew – fresh orange juice

Explosions of fruity and sweet flavors, let us know what you think 😉


As you can imagine, affogato is a drink that comes straight from Italy. If you’re not familiar with it, you may be surprised to know that it’s two shots of espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream.

With completely different textures and flavors, affogato is a drink often consumed as a dessert or snack. In terms of the flavor of the scoop of ice cream, it will traditionally be served with vanilla ice cream. 🍦 Its sweetness and mildness will contrast perfectly with the acidity of the coffee.

It’s up to you to try it, you’ll be surprised and you’ll have discovered a wonderful dessert! 😋

Did we change your mind ?

To convince you even more, we invite you to come and try each of our drinks directly at l’Occasion Café.

See you soon! ✅

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