The post-holiday detox

We tell you all about it !

Ahh, it’s the festive season, we indulge ourselves and often consume excessively. We all agree it’s good for you. 😋

However, the days that follow are perhaps less pleasant to live with… Bloating, stomach ache and the like make us regret the day before, to the point of vowing never to do it again. It’s time for the big resolutions (who among you hasn’t written “eat better” or “drink less alcohol” on your list of resolutions 😂).

But let’s face it, these are resolutions we never keep. At the same time, why deprive yourself?

So to remedy that, we ask you: why not make gourmet resolutions instead?

Today, we’re talking about these tasty, multi-benefit drinks and the magical ingredients that go into them. ⭐️

Detox drinks: the magic ingredients to put in your drinks

First of all, let’s go over the definition of a detox drink, because it can be so much more than a few slices of lemon or cucumber chunks infused in water.

A detox drink helps to eliminate toxins and waste accumulated in the body. It helps stimulate the detoxification organs, such as the liver and kidneys. In other words, it helps you (re)find iron health. 💪

So what foods can we find all these benefits in? 

Fruits and vegetables: fiber, minerals and natural vitamins

You may have heard it all your life, but Grandma was right: fruits and vegetables not only help you grow, they also play a very important antioxidant role.

We talked about antioxidants in an article on matcha, and they have multiple benefits for the body, the skin and health in general.

But we’ll try to focus on detoxifying foods, we’re thinking of your tummy! 👀

To aid digestion, regulate transit and prevent fat storage, we’re going to prefer fiber-rich foods like apples, pears, but also dried fruits like dried figs, prunes and raisins.

Then, because we have to mention it, there’s lemon, the king of detox! It stimulates kidney activity and helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. However, it’s important to remember to consume it with other foods, as drinking lemon juice alone or excessively could be too aggressive and damage your teeth or digestive system.

To name just a few vegetables, we point to all cruciferous vegetables (never heard of that word? You’ll understand with a few examples) like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radish and others. They contain rich and unique components like glucosinolates, which will really help eliminate toxins from your body.

Spices, the hidden treasures of natural medicine

Spices are full of health benefits. Here we tell you about a few that are compatible with a good hot drink, to mix into a smoothie or fruit juice, or to use in your cooking for sweet and savoury dishes.


Turmeric has been consumed for thousands of years in Asian countries such as India and Indonesia. It’s even known as the ‘saffron of India’. 🇮🇳

Turmeric is very rich in curcumin, one of its main active substances. First and foremost, it plays an active role in fat elimination, since it stimulates the production of digestive juices (which therefore enable better digestion, were you listening in science classes ? 🧐)

It will then promote digestion and prevent those famous stomach aches.

But by playing on your digestive sphere, turmeric also has many benefits for the body and your health: it stimulates bile secretion and reduces nausea. 💪


It’s part of the same family as turmeric, and therefore has similar properties. However, it may be preferred by some as it has a different taste. It is described as “peppery and slightly lemony”.

In fact, it will also act on your digestive problems, preventing stomach aches, bloating, gas and nausea.

It is widely used for its ability to “cleanse the body by stimulating digestion, circulation and perspiration”.

Detox drinks at L'Occasion Café

With everything we’ve just said, we wanted to recommend a few drinks to choose from if you’re on a post-holiday detox 😉

At L’Occasion café, we sell all kinds of teas and infusions, but we wanted to go back in detail to several spicy and fruity drinks.

Our fresh juice of the moment

Each month, we’d like to highlight a fruit and vegetable juice of the moment. We choose seasonal produce, which is why this month you’ll be able to enjoy the juice…

Squash – carrot – pear – lemon

The benefits of lemon and pear (as mentioned above) will help eliminate toxins accumulated in your body.

A smooth juice with sweet notes, you’ll love it not only for its benefits, but also for its taste.

Golden latte

Our golden latte is THE drink of the moment. It’s a turmeric and honey-based latte (which is very tasty).

And if you’re paying attention, turmeric has many properties. Do you remember? 👀

Chaï tea

Much appreciated for its virtues, it needs no introduction… This spicy tea has a taste and it acts notably on digestion.

It’s known for the high quantity of antioxidants it contains, such as polyphenols (this tea is said to contain more than some fruits and vegetables 💪).

So, are you convinced? 🧐

We hope we’ve been able to shed some light on what a “detox drink” really is, and show just how much you can indulge yourself while giving your body the elements it needs. So yes, it’s perfectly possible to combine indulgence with a balanced diet!

Have we given you any drink ideas?

See you soon at Occasion Café! ✅

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