The post-Holiday detox

Bloating and tummy aches make us miss the day before, but let’s not stop indulging! We tell you about these tasty, gourmet detox drinks!

The story of latte art

Have you ever heard of latte art? The art of drawing pictures on your coffee that will make great Insta photos… We tell you all about it 😉

A warm Christmas and coffee

The magic of Christmas is in the air, bringing warmth and comfort to all. Why not bringing a touch of coffee to your traditions?

Matcha: its origins, its benefits…

Matcha: the famous powdered green tea that’s so fashionable these days.

We’ve decided to reveal a little more about the benefits and characteristics of this Japanese green tea.

Listening to music while working

At L’Occasion Café, there’s always music playing on our speakers. But we wondered how much is music good for our concentration? Does this apply to everyone ?

The benefits of coffee

As a coffee shop, we felt it was important to mention the benefits of coffee ☕️. Coffee has many health benefits. So drink coffee! (And not just because it tastes good).


(Re)discover the benefits of coffee for an economical and unusual use. In an eco-responsible spirit, we explain how to reuse coffee grounds!